An afternoon at Rae Rae’s Cafe

So we were texting each other last night talking about where we should eat on the weekend. I asked Dayana if she had any suggestions as to where I could have brunch on Thursday and she texted back saying there’d be a problem. I couldn’t imagine there being a “problem”, but as I was wondering what she meant, she texted back saying “I have Thursday off too!”. We got so excited that we had a bit of difficulty trying to pick a place to eat. Today (Thursday) we decided to find somewhere new to both of us and picked a restaurant called “Rae Rae’s Cafe”. Little did we know how amazing their food was going to be. Everything from the cafe mocha, scrambled eggs w/ ham and French toast and the biscuits covered in sausage gravy were just perfect!





Cafe mocha
The “oven baked biscuits & sausage gravy” plate
The “have-it-all” plate

Cake, cupcakes and more cake!

We were at a wedding at The Shuffleboard Club in downtown St. Pete on Saturday and thought their cake table was adorable! We actually had a wedding AND  a baby shower that same day, but we managed to attend both. Everyone was having a great time at both events and although there were games and dancing at both parties you can all guess where I was. The food table of course! Either admiring its beauty or just in line waiting for my turn to finally taste everything. Below I posted a few pictures of the cake table at the wedding. My apologies for not having any pictures from the baby shower, but since we attended the wedding first by the time we arrived at the baby shower all the prettiness was gone.



Cake/dessert table at The Shuffleboard Club in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida.
Absolutely loved the cake and how they set it up with such a beautiful mask!