St. Maarten

St. Maarten is one of the many beautiful islands in the Caribbean. This was our second time here and we just loved it. We went on a cruise in April of 2016 although you’re only there for a day it’s definitely worth it. The interesting thing is that the island is divided, one side is Dutch and the other side is French. We always rent a car so we can go around and stop wherever we like. The first time we went around the island and could really tell the difference between both sides. The second time we were just focused on the main things we wanted to do and didn’t drive around as much.


The people are friendly and the culture is alive. Warm blue Caribbean Sea and fine soft white sand. The colors are so vivid. The green mountains, blue ocean and colorful homes. This is truly the definition of a vacation. It’s so beautiful and there’s perfect weather year round.


Our first stop was to a beautiful beach we found while driving. The scenery was just breathtaking. There were rocks that extended into the ocean so of course, I had to stop and take pictures. There were also nice sailboats to look at and admire.


After spending some time there we went for a drive and recognized spots from the prior visit. We stopped at some shops and walked around the plaza. Then we got in the car trying to find this amazing restaurant we had lunch at last time we were there. It was next to the beach and had seafood on a huge outside barbecue. But no one could remember where it was and we drove around hungry for what seemed like hours. We finally gave up, maybe it wasn’t even in business anymore. We found a little strip of seafood restaurants, which seemed way over priced. So we just ended up enjoying the outside view and eating ribs, at least they were yummy.


The main thing we loved in St. Maarten is Maho Beach. The beach is right across from the airport. This is the only place in the world you could have this experience. The planes come in from the ocean and land on the strip, getting as low as 100 feet. There’s a person on a microphone announcing the airplane that is coming in and where from. People stand underneath to get amazing shots. The most interesting part is when the airplanes leave. The jet blast is crazy, you have to hold on to everything if you don’t want it to end in the water. People would actually hold on to the fence and legs flying in the air from how strong the wind is. Actually, it’s quite painful if you stand by the water the sand hits you and it hurts so bad. At one moment someone fell and rolled all the way out to the water. The airplane goes down the runway then quickly lifts up in a short space due to the mountain being close by. You truly have to experience this.