My One Year Anniversary

Our anniversary falls on July 25th and we got married in 2015. Our wedding was beautiful and everything went as perfect as possible. I enjoyed every moment of it surrounded by our loved ones. We made sure to take a moment to sit back and observe everything as everyone always says that day goes by so fast, well it did. For our first year anniversary, we wanted to recreate something similar with our friends and family and also something romantic for just us two. We also had a vacation planned. The 25th fell on a Monday so the Saturday before we were having a party my mom was preparing. The Sunday before we were doing a dinner cruise and the Saturday after we were traveling to the Caribbean for a weeks vacation.

I was so excited for the party. I’m very hands on and crafty so I definitely wanted to be involved in the planning and decorating. I had to think about a theme or color scheme. Pinterest always helps! After searching I decided on gold, white and black. The first thing we did was order a cake matching the colors, and buy party decoration. Then we ordered food and of course being Cuban you need a whole pig roasting in your backyard on a stick. The rest we had family members bring in. We started decorating the day before and then setting the table. We did as much as possible.

Finally, the day came and Mother Nature was just not on my side. In the early morning, the day was perfect. The pig was roasting outside everything was going as planned. 12 pm came and there was a huge downpour that lasted hours. The whole back yard where the event was taking place was flooded, the fire for the pig was completely gone and it wasn’t done cooking. I was freaking out! What were we supposed to do!? Everything was ruined. Long story short the meat finished cooking in 3 different homes ovens. It finally stopped raining late afternoon and the party was going strong.

While all the chaos was going on I managed to finish decorating. I put the balloons up and the backdrop with my mom’s help. The pictures I chose were black and white and I hung them up on a string with little cute wooden clothe pins. The hanging circles I also did myself days before with string and craft paper from Michaels. That definitely took some time and patience. That day I did the cupcakes and put the donuts together. I also made the hearts from craft paper and glued it onto the kabob sticks. I got the idea from Pinterest, it was so adorable. The party went great after all. We all had a good time and the food turned out great.


On Sunday we took the dinner cruise out of Tampa. I think it was at 5 pm and it was our first time ever so we had no idea what was going on. We parked there and hopped on. The table was assigned and everyone eats in the same space, you just get up and serve yourself. We had a very nice lady take our drink order and get us anything we’d like. I had a drink I didn’t like much so husband finished it for me. Dinner was a buffet of various options. I had stuffed chicken breast, mashed potatoes, pasta, salad and green beans. I had to try everything I liked. I saw people getting up for seconds, it was a very laid back atmosphere. After we ate we walked upstairs to walk around the boat and we watched the sunset. It was beautiful. We finished up the night upstairs where they had fun music. There was a party going on. We loved it all and definitely recommend to try it.

Yacht StarShip


Monday was our actual anniversary date. Husband sent beautiful flowers to work that day with yummy chocolate covered strawberries. It was such a nice gesture, I had never gotten flowers sent to work before. The flowers came with a funny card on them I couldn’t show anyone. Silly husband! That night we went to a nice dinner. It was everything I could have ever asked for. In my eyes it was perfect!