Airbnb Review La Fortuna, Costa Rica

A beautiful lake cabin close to La Fortuna city center. About a 15 minute drive to downtown. This was the second Airbnb we were staying at in our trip to Costa Rica. We were dropped off in a near by hotel managed by the same owners as the cabin. That was perfect because every taxi driver knew where it was located.


Our host was amazing and very friendly. He was prompt to answer any questions and gave great advise as far as to where to eat and what tours to do. We arrived earlier than check in and he was ready to meet us at the hotel. Then took us to the cabin and gave us a tour. He gave us his number and said to call for anything anytime.


One of my worries was that the cabin would be in the middle of no where and it would be dark and dangerous. But no worries! It was on a main road but sat back far enough to not hear much sound. On the left side of the pond sits both cabins and on the right is the home of the property owners.


When you walk into the home, you walk into the living room and the kitchen to the left. The kitchen is fully stocked with all cooking amenities. The living room has sliding doors and windows. What a beautiful view! The drapes let you see out but not in during the day.


The bedroom is behind the living room. Kind of small but we didn’t need much more. Most importantly the bed was comfortable. The bedroom also had a sliding window with pond view. Between the bedroom and kitchen was the bathroom.


We were there for three days and wished we could have stayed longer. It was our favorite place. It was so breathtaking beautiful, our host was beyond nice, it was in a convenient location and it was cost friendly.

Our host let us know the property owners in the house across would make breakfast for the guests for a small fee. We took the offer and were so glad we did. We ended up asking for breakfast again the next morning. We walked up and they greeted us so friendly. The little table was set outside to enjoy the views. The breakfast was traditional food from Costa Rica. Gallo pinto which is rice and beans. Scrambled eggs, avocado, toast, cheese, tortilla with sauce. The best coffee ever and orange juice.


One of the days the owner was nice enough to give us a ride into La Fortuna on his way to work. For the rest we took taxis. We also took an ATV tour recommended by the Airbnb host, we loved the tour. He picked us up and had the tour guide drop us off. Everyone is so nice and glad to help out.

The day we left the host picked us up and took us to the main hotel. There we waited for our bus to pick us up.


I can’t wait to return! Pura Vida!!!!!


  • Airbnb nightly rate $70 usd
  • Taxi to Tabacon Hot Springs $30 round trip
  • Taxi to Hanging Bridges $50 round trip
  • Taxi to La Fortuna center $5 each way
  • Breakfast $7 per person per day



Proino Breakfast Club Review

It’s been some time that Dayana and I have gone out to eat together because we have been really busy or because we’ve already made plans. We decided to schedule something and I told her she could pick since I know she’s pretty good at finding yummy breakfast places and like always I wasn’t disappointed. She said she’d been wanting to try this place in Largo, so we decided to go on this lovely Saturday morning and it was better than we imagined.

Proino Breakfast Club

Proino Breakfast Club
Street facing Proino Breakfast Club

It wasn’t hard to find Proino and although we feared we would have to park far because we didn’t see much parking available, we were able to find a parking spot in front of the building.

Parking in front of Ulmer Park

Loved the location! We parked right in front of a small park called Ulmer Park right next to the little plaza Proino was located in. There were a few other businesses in the same plaza including a cute little cafe called Evermore Cafe which we will have to visit soon!

Ulmer Park next to Proino Breakfast Club
Ulmer Park next to Proino Breakfast Club
View of the little plaza Proino Breakfast Club was located in (Proino was at the other end)
The front of Proino Breakfast Club
Front of Proino Breakfast Club (loved the pretty trees by the sidewalk)
Front of Proino Breakfast Club

Once we were in we were seated immediately which was great because we were starving. The place looked full but had enough tables to accommodate plenty more if they needed to. They also had outside seating which would’ve been nice, except it’s been extremely hot & humid here lately, so we decided to pass and went straight inside. The decor wasn’t great and has the potential to look better in my opinion, but I guess it’s not as important to them as serving good food and that’s alright with me. We also noticed they are on UberEATS!

Outside tables
Inside Proino Breakfast Club
Inside Proino Breakfast Club
Inside Proino Breakfast Club
Inside Proino Breakfast Club
Inside Proino Breakfast Club

When we opened the menu it was a little overwhelming because, like I said before, we were hungry and there were SO MANY options and all of them seemed like the “right choice” lol. Once we decided, the waitress placed the order and I would say that we waited about 20-25 minutes for our food. Our waitress was nice and gave me her recommendation on what to get as far as waffles or french toast. She also checked up on us enough times.

Menu at Proino Breakfast Club
Menu at Proino Breakfast Club
FullSizeRender 3
Menu at Proino Breakfast Club

The food was delicious and we liked that they serve big portions. I loved how they make their home fries, they were so yummy! The waffles were really good as well and my cousins loved their Banana, Strawberry Crepe, which looked amazing!

Coco-choco Waffle #34 on the menu
Banana, Strawberry Crepe #58 on the menu
Fruitti Waffle #32 on the menu


Create your own omelette #75 on the menu
Proino Special #5 on the menu


We had a great experience at Proino Breakfast Club and will most likely come back to pick something else from their awesome menu!


They have TWO locations in Largo

Proino Breakfast Club BAY DR LOCATION

201 W Bay Dr, Largo, FL 33770

Ph: (727) 444-0937

Hours: Mon-Sat 6:00AM-3:00PM &

Sundays 7:00AM-3:00PM


14400 Walsingham Rd, Largo, FL 33774

Ph: (727) 303-3896

Hours: Mon-Sat 6:00AM-3:00PM &

Sundays 7:00AM-3:00PM

An afternoon at Rae Rae’s Cafe

So we were texting each other last night talking about where we should eat on the weekend. I asked Dayana if she had any suggestions as to where I could have brunch on Thursday and she texted back saying there’d be a problem. I couldn’t imagine there being a “problem”, but as I was wondering what she meant, she texted back saying “I have Thursday off too!”. We got so excited that we had a bit of difficulty trying to pick a place to eat. Today (Thursday) we decided to find somewhere new to both of us and picked a restaurant called “Rae Rae’s Cafe”. Little did we know how amazing their food was going to be. Everything from the cafe mocha, scrambled eggs w/ ham and French toast and the biscuits covered in sausage gravy were just perfect!





Cafe mocha
The “oven baked biscuits & sausage gravy” plate
The “have-it-all” plate

Foodies on a mission!

Hey guys! Daylin here. This is our first blog post and we’re excited about what’s to come! Dayana and I come from a family that loves to eat and they not only love to eat, but they love to eat good food. We are now 25 (me) and 26 (Dayana) year old young women with hubbies that also love good food. I decided to take the initiative and start blogging about restaurants we go to eat at, about my moms amazing cooking (FYI: mainly delicious Cuban dishes) and also about our traveling which includes lots of good and weird new foods we haven’t tried. I spoke with Dayana about it and voila! We are starting this and hopefully right lol since this is the first time we’ve ever done something like this. Anyways, we truly hope you enjoy our blogs and pictures we’ll be posting soon!

Here’s a picture of a cappuccino I had in Kyoto last April. I forgot the restaurant’s name, but it was Japanese and Dominican fusion and it was amazinggg!!❤️

First we eat, then we do everything else.” -M.F.K