The Dog Bar in St. Pete, FL

What could be better than dogs and bars? we love both.

I have a doggie named Bebe (Baby in Spanish, so original lol) I absolutely love him and he is my baby! He has many great qualities. Like he’s very opinionated, beyond intelligent, loving when he wants to be and oh so funny! He’s perfect. Daylin, on the other hand, does not have a dog but does like certain ones, especially pugs. She’s more of the play with them for a little but he’s yours.

It’s Saturday night Bebe was bored and I had promised him earlier I would hang out with him and take him to the park. Then something in my brain clicked and I remembered driving by The Dog Bar. I knew it was the perfect moment to go. I called Daylin of course! We also invited our cousin who has a Maltese, Summer. Off we went to the unknown.

We arrived and as soon as we walked in we went straight to the bar and checked the place out. Daylin had a mojito and I asked for something sweet. It was Delicious. It was a peachy color but I couldn’t pin point the flavors all I knew is that it tasted like sunsets and waves. Yumm! Sorry, we forgot to take pics of the drinks, we were too distracted with all the cute pups.

The Dog Bar
2300 Central Ave.
St. Pete, FL 33712
P: (727) 317-4968

SUN 12PM-11PM || MON Closed || TUE-THUR 4PM-12AM || FRI 4PM-1AM || SAT 12PM-1AM


thedogbar gif


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