Airbnb Review La Fortuna, Costa Rica

A beautiful lake cabin close to La Fortuna city center. About a 15 minute drive to downtown. This was the second Airbnb we were staying at in our trip to Costa Rica. We were dropped off in a near by hotel managed by the same owners as the cabin. That was perfect because every taxi driver knew where it was located.


Our host was amazing and very friendly. He was prompt to answer any questions and gave great advise as far as to where to eat and what tours to do. We arrived earlier than check in and he was ready to meet us at the hotel. Then took us to the cabin and gave us a tour. He gave us his number and said to call for anything anytime.


One of my worries was that the cabin would be in the middle of no where and it would be dark and dangerous. But no worries! It was on a main road but sat back far enough to not hear much sound. On the left side of the pond sits both cabins and on the right is the home of the property owners.


When you walk into the home, you walk into the living room and the kitchen to the left. The kitchen is fully stocked with all cooking amenities. The living room has sliding doors and windows. What a beautiful view! The drapes let you see out but not in during the day.


The bedroom is behind the living room. Kind of small but we didn’t need much more. Most importantly the bed was comfortable. The bedroom also had a sliding window with pond view. Between the bedroom and kitchen was the bathroom.


We were there for three days and wished we could have stayed longer. It was our favorite place. It was so breathtaking beautiful, our host was beyond nice, it was in a convenient location and it was cost friendly.

Our host let us know the property owners in the house across would make breakfast for the guests for a small fee. We took the offer and were so glad we did. We ended up asking for breakfast again the next morning. We walked up and they greeted us so friendly. The little table was set outside to enjoy the views. The breakfast was traditional food from Costa Rica. Gallo pinto which is rice and beans. Scrambled eggs, avocado, toast, cheese, tortilla with sauce. The best coffee ever and orange juice.


One of the days the owner was nice enough to give us a ride into La Fortuna on his way to work. For the rest we took taxis. We also took an ATV tour recommended by the Airbnb host, we loved the tour. He picked us up and had the tour guide drop us off. Everyone is so nice and glad to help out.

The day we left the host picked us up and took us to the main hotel. There we waited for our bus to pick us up.


I can’t wait to return! Pura Vida!!!!!


  • Airbnb nightly rate $70 usd
  • Taxi to Tabacon Hot Springs $30 round trip
  • Taxi to Hanging Bridges $50 round trip
  • Taxi to La Fortuna center $5 each way
  • Breakfast $7 per person per day



Airbnb Review in San Isidro, Costa Rica

This beautiful working coffee ranch is located about an hour from San Jose and 30 minutes from Heredia, another major city. We then found out it really depends on traffic and how fast your driver is!


Our host was awesome and very friendly. I’m a planner so I need to know everything possible and ask every single question. He was very prompt to respond and assure me everything was perfect. He did warn me there is no such thing as addresses or street signs in Costa Rica so he gave me turn by turn directions on how to get there. He also recommended I downloaded and saved the map area offline in google maps. I also downloaded another great app where I was able to drop pins on specific locations and then use the app without internet or wifi.


We arrived at SJO airport and took a taxi. When you say the city Concepcion de San Isidro no one really knew how to get there. It’s up in the mountains away from everyone and everything. Our taxi driver kept stopping every couple of turns to ask the friendly locals for directions. A couple minutes later we were lost and had no clue where we were. That’s when I knew I had to take over! Good thing I had my maps app I told him I knew how to get there and let me tell him where to turn. You basically take the main road and go through Heredia from the airport then make a left at the main gas station. Then go through San Isidro city center, on the second road make a left and all the way up the mountain you go passing the church. That’s the address!

Our host was in the states so the maintenance guy received us. Gave us the keys and the gate key and pointed to our little home and kept working on the plants. Ok make yourself at home! We dropped off our luggage checked the room out and started exploring. In the 3 days we were there we had the chance to see everything. I still wish we could have stayed longer!


The room was spacious enough for two. I loved all the natural light coming in from the many windows. For some reason the first thing we always check out is the bed. It was very comfy and as I laid there I immediately noticed the beautiful wood beams on the ceiling. So many little details pull everything together.


Next to the bed was a comfy couch we mostly used for our luggage and to leave our bags prepared. Across was a small tv and a table. On the far right you had the bathroom, closet, and coffee station. The bathroom was nice and had good toilet paper, yay! The water was very cold at first so you had to give it a minute but after it warmed up I didn’t want to leave the shower.


On day 3 and last we were there we really got to explore more. Since we were pretty much on tours the rest of the time. We met the housekeeper and she was so amazing and sweet. She loved talking to us and telling us all about Costa Rica. We went to the back of the property where the coffee starts and after walking for what seemed like forever we went back to the home and she showed us the coffee grown there in bags. Of course we bought a couple, it tasted amazing!


After walking the trails and even finding a running stream we walked back up the other way. We found beautiful plants and fruits. Everything was so colorful and pretty. I wanted pictures of everything!


We then went back up to sit on the balcony and enjoy the views. We even made a little friend. He was so adorable and I wanted to take him home with me! He followed me everywhere and when I walked he walked and when I stopped he also stopped. So adorable!


The housekeepers daughter was so kind to take us back to the airport saving us some money. We were so sad to leave and wish we could have stayed longer. Overall I give this place 5 stars. It’s beautiful, the hosts are beyond nice, it has all the amenities needed and it’s very affordable. The only thing I saw as a little downside was location. It’s amazing up in the mountains but it could be a little costly taking taxis back and forth.


I can’t wait to return! Pura Vida!!!




-Rate per Night $75 usd

-Taxi from SJO airport to Airbnb $40

-Taxi from Airbnb to SJO airport $25

-Taxi between Airbnb and Heredia $12

-Coffee from here $14 per bag




The Dog Bar in St. Pete, FL

What could be better than dogs and bars? we love both.

I have a doggie named Bebe (Baby in Spanish, so original lol) I absolutely love him and he is my baby! He has many great qualities. Like he’s very opinionated, beyond intelligent, loving when he wants to be and oh so funny! He’s perfect. Daylin, on the other hand, does not have a dog but does like certain ones, especially pugs. She’s more of the play with them for a little but he’s yours.

It’s Saturday night Bebe was bored and I had promised him earlier I would hang out with him and take him to the park. Then something in my brain clicked and I remembered driving by The Dog Bar. I knew it was the perfect moment to go. I called Daylin of course! We also invited our cousin who has a Maltese, Summer. Off we went to the unknown.

We arrived and as soon as we walked in we went straight to the bar and checked the place out. Daylin had a mojito and I asked for something sweet. It was Delicious. It was a peachy color but I couldn’t pin point the flavors all I knew is that it tasted like sunsets and waves. Yumm! Sorry, we forgot to take pics of the drinks, we were too distracted with all the cute pups.

The Dog Bar
2300 Central Ave.
St. Pete, FL 33712
P: (727) 317-4968

SUN 12PM-11PM || MON Closed || TUE-THUR 4PM-12AM || FRI 4PM-1AM || SAT 12PM-1AM


thedogbar gif