Brewery Bhavana in Raleigh, NC

I have to say that one of our favorite restaurants in Raleigh ended up being Brewery Bhavana. I actually found them thanks to an awesome foodie Instagram from the Raleigh area. I asked them if they could recommend places to hang out and drink and they recommend this place, among others, to start.

BREWERY BHAVANA (click link to visit their website)

Address: 218 S Blount Street, Raleigh, NC 27601

Phone: 919-829-9998

Thursday – Saturday | 11:30am – 2pm

Tuesday – Thursday | 5pm – 10pm
Friday – Saturday | 5pm – 12pm
Sunday | 5pm – 10pm

FullSizeRender 11DSC02899

It reminded me of our trip to New York with the really high ceilings and the brick walls, except that what makes it different is that it’s a brewery, dim sum restaurant, bookstore AND a flower/plant shop! We thought it was such a unique place and such a great hang out spot. Not only was the place really nice though, but the food was amazing!

It looks empty, but that’s because we were REALLY early lol


The flower/plant shop is right in the middle section of the restaurant along with the book shop


Love this picture I took of this lady reading a book while waiting on her lunch



My hubby reading the longggg list of drinks and menu options


After going around the restaurant taking a billion pictures, I finally sat back down for our drinks and ordered a few appetizers as well.


Starting from right to left: Till (bright & tangy farmhouse ale), Dig (chocolate rye stout), Bloom (dry cardamom tripel) and Glean (mango peppercorn saison)


Char Siu Bao-steamed buns stuffed w/ Cantonese barbeque pork. These were my fave appetizer! Price: $8.80 USD


Jiaozi Chicken Dumplings-pan fried chicken, ginger, bok choy and water chestnut dumplings. So yummy! Price: $7.80 USD


Pai Gu Spareribs-steamed spareribs w/ boiled peanuts, jalapeño peppers and black bean sauce (if you look closely you can kind of see the steam). These were really good also! Price: $7.80 USD


I think it was on the expensive side, but definitely worth it for a special day/night out.


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