Story Brooke Craft Coffee Bar Review

I’m always looking for new places to eat at and small local ones are my favorite. My friend found Story Brooke Craft Coffee Bar on Instagram and immediately sent me a screenshot. After looking at the few pictures I realized they were still new but already looked amazing. I knew it was a must try and asap. Also, it wasn’t too far from my home, so decided to go with my husband on a Saturday.

It was located in a part of St. Pete I had never been to and I don’t recall there being any other places to eat around there. So I thought it was a random location. We drove right by it and didn’t even notice it so we had to turn back. Maybe we were just distracted by the location, not the nicest street in St. Pete. There were many people walking around and the parking was behind the building in a grass area. I was so glad I went with my husband because around the building there were a bunch of men just standing around looking “sketchy” I was ready to turn back but then I thought it would all be worth it.

IMG_0598IMG_0599IMG_0600IMG_0601We made it around the building to the front door. Inside it was a whole other story. Everything was beautiful. I loved the decoration and the colors. It had an old rustic feel but super stylish with bright colors and nice artwork. We weren’t the only ones there, everyone else was enjoying their coffee and food.


I walked up to the front clueless about what I wanted. The lady was very friendly and super patient with me trying to figure out what to order. She recommended what Coffee I might like that was sweet enough since I don’t really drink coffee. My husband had the Costa Rica Coffee since we’re visiting pretty soon. I also had waffles of course! That’s why I went there. With strawberries and chocolate, please!


Their description of “Craft Coffee” is nicely written on a chalkboard. They offer a variety of different coffees, lattes, cappuccinos, and teas. They also have “Inventive Waffles” with many toppings. For example strawberries, blueberries, kiwi, banana, blackberries, raspberries, mango and peach. And sweets like marshmallows, whipped cream, chocolate, white chocolate, coconut, macadamia nuts, peanuts, almonds, pecans, caramel sauce, brûléed ice cream and Nutella. Making pretty much a million different possible combinations.

The coffee and waffles were amazing! I look forward to visiting again and I’m literally craving it right now. I liked the feel of the place, it would be a very nice date or hangout place. If the pictures look yummy trust me you have to go! And take me with you.


Story Brooke Craft Coffee Bar

Location: 1437 4th Street South, St. Petersburg, FL 33701

Hours: Monday-Friday 7:30AM-6PM, Saturdays 8AM-4PM & Sundays 8AM-2PM

Ph: (813) 479-7585

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